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This site will help explain why we think it is a good idea to ‘dissolve’ the Village of Lyons and become ‘OneLyons.’  Our primary concern is the high Village Tax Rate coupled with cumulative taxes that have elevated Lyons to the #1 highest taxed Village in the Fingerlakes Region of NYS, and among the top taxed Villages in the USA!   See the news coverage of our recent meeting with Seneca Falls.  The Seneca Falls delegation unanimously affirmed that they would NEVER return to a two government system to provide the same services, especially given the cost savings and efficiencies now that the Town provides everything!  OneLyons Informational Meeting with SF – FL Times Article 110212

11/3/2012:  D&C Reporter Bennet Loudon did another excellent dissolution piece, check it out HERE

Compare the two final mailers, the village doesn’t want to discuss their record or the “facts” obtained from the village of LYons and NYS mostly through FOIL.  Please check our detailed information pages and references for yourselves, they are verifiable. 

Final mailer of save lyons group 110212

OneLyons final mailer 110212

New update 11/2/2012:  OneLyons successfully hosted an informational meeting with Seneca Falls current and previous administration and learned alot.  Some major learning points:  OneLyons Informational Meeting with SF – FL Times Article 110212

  • The best answer they gave was to the question, “Knowing what you know now, would you want to go back to having a separate Village and Town?” — every one of them said, “Absolutely not!”
  • Without having the landfill $, Seneca Falls still would have saved $7 per $1,000 assessed due to elimination of a layer of government, renegotiation of contracts, increased efficiencies, and contracting with private companies for some services.
  • No service interuptions occurred during transition, and no services were cut.
  • Police force was made a townwide force with reduced budget and more officers, higher call volume.
  • 5 DPW workers transferred to town and 2 retired, 2 clerks were retained.
  • The former village still exists, just not the village government.  No changes made to the village, still enjoying same services as previously at less cost.
  • Stay tuned for video of the meeting, and look for the FingerLakes Times coverage of the event.

Our vision is to create a community where taxes are reasonable and fairly shared, restrictions on business development and personal property are reasonable and as minimal as possible, and the government that represents us is responsive to us and treats us equally and fairly. We believe that Lyons is a community that encompasses all of the village and town of Lyons.  Dissolving the village of Lyons will not result in the loss of our history, heritage, culture, or common beliefs.  The benefits of a unified government may better prepare our community to attract businesses and citizens to live here.  We will have one set of zoning rules, codes, and laws that are predictable and not overly burdonsome.  We will have a more equitable distribution of costs that will benefit everyone as they tend to be more involved in the process of government.  Our public services will be unified in purchasing and efficiency, thus eliminating waste that hurts those on fixed budgets.  Together, we can unite under one government and work to solve our issues.

We have opened this discussion, it’s your turn to continue it.  We invite you to join with us as we learn about the difficulties facing this village and town and work to create solutions.  We invite you to contact us, attend meetings, and get involved in our democratic republic style of government.  Finally, we invite you to take a stand against the status quo and use your anonymous right to vote on November 6 to send a message and help us begin to unite and solve our common problems.

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