OneLyons – the vision. Our last chance to actually change our future.

Our vision is to create a community where taxes are reasonable and fairly shared, restrictions on business development and personal property are reasonable and as minimal as possible, and the government that represents us is responsive to us and treats us equally and fairly. We believe that Lyons is a community that encompasses all of the village and town of Lyons.  Dissolving the village of Lyons will not result in the loss of our history, heritage, culture, or common beliefs.  The benefits of a unified government may better prepare our community to attract businesses and citizens to live here.  We will have one set of zoning rules, codes, and laws that are predictable and not overly burdonsome.  We will have a more equitable distribution of costs that will benefit everyone as they tend to be more involved in the process of government.  Our public services will be unified in purchasing and efficiency, thus eliminating waste that hurts those on fixed budgets.  Together, we can unite under one government and work to solve our issues.

The reason “consolidation” or “Alternative Plans” will not work is they continue to rely on a poorly functioning and rigid system.  Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is illogical.   Villagers will still bear the brunt of the majority of costs and subsidize 4 governments.  There will still be two communities with different rules and taxes, not one community united together in a more sustainable way.  It’s time to change the rules, recreate in a way that can rebuild this community we live in and love.

We have opened this discussion, it’s your turn to continue it.  We invite you to take a stand against the status quo.  Help us remove obstacles to business and economic growth that have taken away our nostalgic way of life here in Lyons.  Both the Town and Village residents need to unite and solve our common problems, but with the Village taxpayers shouldering the load of 4 governments at costs approaching $60 per $1,000 assessed value, the status quo is unsustainable.  

Regulations and unequal code enforcements hurt us.  The Lyons village code books are so cumbersome and full of regulations that the clerk reports they exceed 400 pages of regulations and are too large to put online!  As a community we need to freshly review code enforcement, laws, taxes, and how our services are provided.

We can’t keep paving over crumbling infrastructure without fixing the sewer & water lines underneath.  “Hope without action is like a screen door on a submarine.”  Just attempting to vote new trustees in has never worked to solve the overall issues before us.  Nostalgia won’t fix today’s issues.  It takes courage to change, but this community is worth it.

NOW is the time.  This is the community’s only chance to make change happen in Lyons.  All 4 major political parties are represented by the members in the ONELYONS effort. This is not about advancing a political cause, its about saving our community and addressing the unsustainability of our current system.  If we don’t finish this dissolution process now, in all likely hood it will never happen again.  Procrastination, or even signing the petition for a revote, will NOT ensure change happens.  Stand firm, let the dissolution process play out.  Get involved at the Town level to recreate our community in a way that serves us all and gives ALL taxpayers equal skin in the game.


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