Final dissolution plan = $9.21 savings versus Alternatives $1.74 Savings

See the Final Dissolution Plan – Addendum  adopted by the Village of Lyons.

The proponents for saving the Village Government of Lyons argue many things, including that we cannot trust the Town Government.  History shows otherwise.

Please go to our detailed information pages and review the many studies and FOIL records.  Ask yourself - If the Village could have saved us $6 per $1,000 by following the recommendations of CGR in 2011 and declined to do so.  Why would we now trust them to implement the $1.74 per $1,000 savings they say the are WILLING to achieve now? 

Proponents pushing for everyone to sign another petition and push for a revote know – IF DISSOLUTION FAILS, then the chance of any of these savings and efficiencies every being pushed or succeeding is nil.  HISTORY in Lyons shows us this.

Please talk with your friends, family, neighbors and ask them to check out this website, review the reports for themselves.  Review the plans, and engage us and your representatives.