Updates, Fire District, and water loss continues at 21% loss for 2014!

Summary of updates we are aware of as of May 30, 2015 – Please send us more info with references and we will try to keep updated.

Town & Village websites back up and running!

Town decided to let complete dissolution of the Police Department occur along with the Village of Lyons.  Town has asked and the Wayne County Sherriffs has agreed to provide policing for the Village and Town of Lyons.  OneLyons believes the Memorandum of Agreements and projected increase in town costs led to the decision as there were a number of town taxpayers actively campaigning against anything which would raise the town tax rate from what it currently is set at.

Town and Village have taken steps to form a Fire District to ensure uniform fire protection throughout the entire town with costs more evenly shared.  Tax exemptions will still come into play in all tax situations and need to be reviewed.

Review of Town Board meetings show they are relying heavily on closed door executive sessions to conduct business, which is an area of interest we all need to keep an eye on as an open and transparent government is critical to moving forward in Lyons.  Time to remind the board monthly of the commitments to transparency!

The 2014 Annual Water Report for the Village of Lyons has been filed.  Total water purchased was 128,905,000 gallons, with unaccounted for water being 26,861,000, which meant a total loss which is subsidized by rate payers of 21%, or 21 gallons lost per 100 gallons purchased.  The underlying problems continue in Lyons with years of infrastructure neglect, and unfortunately that will cost water users dearly in the coming years as the Town and Water Authority are forced to take measures to resolve this.