Lyons dissolution process – flawed. Hope for future.…/lyons-villa…/78088552/

Onesided reporting in this case. Author never contacted anyone from OneLyons for commentary. A 62% village savings and 7% town savings is worthy of reporting, and the Wayne County Sherrifs not only hired 8 deputies to beef their force, but also have 10 members of the force who live inside the former village limits. The former village pd only had 3. The WCSD and NYSP have done a great job in the lead up to taking over the last 6 months. Lyons Town Supervisor Manktelow is correct, the law needs some changes. Village governments are usually not seeking to dissolve themselves willingly. Villages have pecuniary interests and fight the process, yet are given reins to most of the process. The dissolution plans should be entrusted to the town governments, the certification of petitions should be by an independent source such as the county board of elections, and the failure of the judiciary to enforce clear wording of statutory and legislative intent should be addressed. Supv Manktelow is incorrect in his verbiage though – this was a dissolution of village government, not a consolidation, thus the reason that town residents could not vote. In a consolidation, all voters get a say. In Lyons, high taxes, unresponsive local government, hubris among officials, and lack of transparency were among many issues that led to local dissolution factors. The future of Lyons is not one of clouds, but instead a chance to change our “default” future of small towns and villages collapsing. In 2011 Lyons ranked #1 in taxes in the USA per USA today, and now will instead be able to work to keep local businesses, reduce regulatory burdens, repair neglected 100+ year old infrastructure, and hopefully create a new business friendly and resident friendly atmosphere. OneLyons leader Jack Bailey has made himself available for comment/interviews if anyone is interested.