Costs of dissolution – Payouts, debt district, financials

As this process continues forward, remember the 2011 CGR Consolidation and Savings study that the Village of Lyons ignored.  That $55,000 study was presented to our Village officials and ignored, but now many parts of that report will be included in the “Alternatives to Dissolution” for residents to consider if the Village succeeds in forcing a revote.     Lyons – Final Report – Updated 12-23-11

We ask residents – If the Village ignored all these savings recommendations previously, why should we trust them now to implement them if dissolution fails in a revote?  What would be their impetus?  They would have 4 more years to continue as they have been….

The Village of Lyons reports that they have entered into Memorandum of Agreements with the Unions under current contract with the Village of Lyons.  The payouts planned currently will be about $644,000 to the Unions, and $152,000 to renovate a court room the Village would like to see the Town use.   Reference the Village filing for the Court and the Lyons Dissolution Website.  It looks like these payouts are to “make good” on promised sick time, vacation time, FICA payments etc.  The Village reports they will actually ‘cut a check’ for cash payment of sick time, vacation time etc.  Village residents will have to pay for the unemployment insurance for those layed off by dissolution, that will extend approximately 18 months?

What is a Memorandum of agreement?  :   &

As of August 15, 2013 the Village reports approximately $1.3 Million in the bank, and any left over funds will be used to pay down debt upon dissolution.


We expect a decision on the Article 78 hearing Monday August 26, and will post it as soon as possible once received.  OneLyons took the Village of Lyons to court to hold them accountable for their actions and show that even municipalities are bound by the law.  An interesting argument the Village of Lyons used to the court should raise eyebrows in the community:  They argued to the Supreme Court that since they are a municipality, they should be afforded courtesy in violations of law and compliance.   OneLyons asks you in the community….  when it comes to Code Violations, Traffic Violations, Taxes, Water & Sewer Bills —>  Does the Village of Lyons afford you the same courtesy they now ask of the court?  Or are they asserting they are a “political class” not held to the same standards as JOE Citizen?

Please stay educated and involved in this process, pay attention to the arguments and facts presented, and consider attending Village and Town meetings.  This process has been fought on behalf of all village residents, and your voice in the papers and meetings is appreciated.





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