Moving Lyons Forward!

Final Vote:  519 (60%) YES – UNITE / 353 (40%) NO

The voters of the Village of Lyons have voted a second time by a significant margin for the dissolution of the village government and unification of the Village with the Town of Lyons. It is now time for our Town and Village officials to work together for a coordinated and smooth transition for unification that will benefit our whole Lyons community by January 1, 2016.

OneLyons plans to stay engaged in this process and looks forward to serving the community in anyway we can. We would like to thank all of those who guided and supported us in this long process to bring tax relief and fairness to the Lyons community.

May God bless the efforts of all who seek and work for the health, vitality and prosperity of the whole Lyons community now and in future years.
– OneLyons

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