Process towards unification of Lyons

This page gives some links and summary details of what happens during this process.  An important point to remember is that a YES vote in November did not automatically dissolve the Village at that moment.  A process began when our current Village officials received the formal NYS certification of the vote results on December 3, 2012.

Click here – for the complete NY State Law on dissolving a Village (starting on Page 24). Below is a quick summary of what now that we have voted YES to dissolving the Village and uniting as one Town of Lyons.

  1. The Village Board met within 30 days, December 27, to begin a plan for unification with the Town.  The village chose to create and seat a dissolution committee for the purposes of creating a dissolution plan.  MRB Group was chosen as the village consultant.  The plan must be completed by June 25, 2013;  which is no more than 180 days after the initial meeting and will detail how services, equipment, property, and other obligations will be taken care of after unification.
  2. No later than 5 days after the Village Board approves the plan, by June 30, 2013 – the plan will be posted for public review.   There must be at least one public hearing no less than 35 days and no more than 90 days after the plan is approved.
  3. After public hearings are held the Village Board may change the plan. This must be completed within 60 days of the last public hearing.
  4. No later than 5 days after the Board approves the amended plan, it must be made available for public review.  The final data for dissolution can be no sooner than 45 days after this plan is approved.
  5. FINAL dissolution could take about 11 -18 months to actually take effect.
  6. POSSIBLE REFERENDUM – No later than 45 days after the Board approves the amended plan, citizens may submit a petition for a vote to reject the plan.  The petition must be signed by 25% of eligible voters.

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