Effect of uniting on assessments?

On 10/29/12, Trustee Vanstean reported that in his talk with Town & Village Assessor Nancy Collins, she reported assessments could go up if the village dissolved?  Is this true?

  •  I had a very cordial and informative phone conversation 11/1 with Lyons Town and Village Assessor Nancy Collins.  She reports that she did have a conversation with Supervisor Manktelow and Trustee Vanstean jointly, but the the full explanation of the conversation was not relayed, thus the message sent was not wholly correct:  “Town and Village assessments are not due to be reassessed for 2-3 more years.  Assessments could changed in the village based upon possibly being compared to similar homes in the town, but that doesn’t mean they would increase.  In fact, the assessments could even fall further than they did in 2011 when I decreased 1100 assessments due to falling home prices.  The village is kind of a depressed area.”  “In 2008, assessments were raised because home prices and the economy were in better shape.  Assessments are calculated using a computer calculated point system that takes into account many factors.  Those factors include similar style/make/year of homes, square footage, # bathrooms, amount of land etc…”  “Conversely, there are some homes that potentially could see raised assessments.  We have homes up on the hill with alot of land, 8 acres, that would probably be compared to homes in the town and could see increases.  Another example would be 6 houses on Dunn Road.  Those houses on Dunn road are compared to the lower assessed village home and not the higher assessed Grist Mill drive area.  Thus, some residences could see their home assesment and values rise while others see no change or continue to see their assessments fall.   The current system does use a different assessment system for village homes versus Town homes:  The village uses neighborhood codes that take into account homes on simliar streets, whereas the town has it’s own townwide codes that look at the homes in the overall town of comparable parameters as previously noted.“  Thus, from my conversation and individual research, I don’t think that Trustee Vanstean’s assertions that assessments WILL rise is factually supported.  Further, given that most of the homes in the village are selling for depressed amounts, driving down fair market value and assessments in 2011 and continuing today, a bump in assessments and appraisals may not be a bad thing if the village dissolves.  It allows for higher equity values for securing home equity loans to improve your homes.  High taxes and water bills and decreased home values don’t attract businesses and residents, thus OneLyons belief that dissolution may benefit the majority of residents is still a factually supported belief with some room for challenge, but overall is sound.